Skilled Training Fund (SAF)

A Skilled Training Fund was finally introduced into the Australian Immigration system on 12 August 2018.


A levy is payable into this Fund by employers who wish to sponsor foreign workers for a temporary skilled visa (subclass 482) and permanent employer sponsored visas (subclass 186/187).

The levy amount for temporary visas is determined by the turnover of the sponsoring business and the number of years of the sponsorship (1-4 years).


$1800 per year of the visa for businesses with a turnover of $10m+

$1200 per year of the visa for businesses with turnover less than $10m.


The levy applicable to a permanent visa is either a once off amount of $5000 or $3000 depending on the turnover, as per the above.

Be very aware that there are very few opportunities for the levy to be refunded if a Nomination is refused or even if a sponsored employee leaves.